Before I start I wanna ask you two questions!

Do you know what is passive income?

Do you have any idea of passive income?


Passive income is that you don’t have to work but it generates money 24 hours a day while you are sleeping.


So if you want:

  1. to create the passive income
  2. work at home
  3. don’t have to rely on your job
  4. don’t have to work 9 to 5
  5. free yourself

Than you are in the right place!

There are so many training, inspiration and motivation to help you succeed online.


This is for people who are willing to learn and open minded with entrepreneurial spirit, and I know you are the one! 


You have questions in your mind, do you!


I truly understand your feeling because I am facing or experiencing those questions and problems right now.

You feel stuck without results! Without influencing people!


You are not alone!!!


The reason why there is success in small steps with two reasons:

  1. I want to influence more people by Internet marketing while I’m asleep
  2. I want people know that there is another way, other than working 9 to 5! There is going to be a way out other than the standard path!!


I don’t know who you are. Maybe you just get started. Maybe you struggle for sometime or maybe you already success. It doesn’t matter.


Because all of you including me have the same core beliefs that is:

  1. We have a dream
  2. We believe in ourselves
  3. We want to change
  4. We take actions
  5. We have vision and never give up
  6. We are entrepreneur
  7. We want to help people to change their lives!


So who am I? My name is Cian Wu a person from Hong Kong who is obsessed with helping entrepreneurs to grow their business achieving a true freedom!


So why did I end up like this


I joined network marketing around 2015 because of my friend who introduced me into a travel industry company. At the time I didn’t know about MLM but I studied. I thought I will succeed! But guess what it didn’t happen. I tried a lot of methods but didn’t work. So at that time I was thinking is there any way I could promote the products without talking to people. That is the time I learnt about affiliate marketing. But at that time I did not take action!


I think I can change myself! People said if you want to succeed in selling, you should be talkative, outgoing, considering and more! With all those personality, you can become the best in anything related to selling products! I am not that talkative, considering a little bit shy as I am a science guy!

Thinking of a better way without embarrassing talking to friends what you want them to do, while I am sleeping still products will be sold by themselves; I started doing the online research and find out that is the thing I am looking for!


Internet marketing change my life. I recognized that it is not just saving time but I can help more people with my full-time job!


With all  I have learnt, I want to show you how to build A profitable business online with your own brand That can change your life.

I’m not a native speaker in English but look at me I did it and so you can. Everyone has a reason you have to believe it and stick to it.


As I believe, for dreams to happen not just hope! Let’s see each other at the top!