Becoming an internet marketer with your free time

How important is your time management!


Everyone wants to earn money online but if you just start, is pretty hard for you to make a dime. But why the resonance is that severe?

This is because those are passive income! Passive income is not the topic we are discussing today! Instead, we are here about the time management, by using the hustle time to make money! Instead, don’t quit your job that quick as a full-time income is needed to support your living. At this moment, using your time wisely is so important!


We can’t admit that working 9 to 5 with a part-time business online; keep on creating posts or videos to inspire people is not a normal human being should do! This doesn’t make sense to people with logic! Your tiredness will turn you down if you think in a logical way! That is why online business is more than just a self-benefit kind of stuff! For me, I would like to help more people through online marketing. Time management, as a result, is important to me as I believe when my whole system is completed, more people will be free!


So how can we maximize our time?


Here, I have a few tips for you working step-by-step to achieve the result you want in Internet marketing. 


People need deadline

People were asked why we need deadlines. Simple to say, this is to remind you how urgent the things you want to achieve! A realistic way to say, those small steps you set for yourself, is the puzzles of your whole picture! NO ONE CARES about YOUR DREAM but you yourself! People only know how well you are doing, but who cares how much time and effort you sacrifice! Deadline, in my perspective, is proof to myself that I am eager to achieve my dream! I made it realistic so that I don’t have an excuse to not doing it!


The function of the deadline: 

  1. How urgent is that 
  2. On track in progress of your business


Here comes the next question: How fast you want to achieve? 


What are your small steps? When you know your weekly and monthly goals, a good plan can be made!


A good plan is just part of the full picture!

A realistic plan is vital! We are not here to play the lotto. Instead, we want to make it come true! If you would like to achieve the desired results with successive steps, with the increasing chances to your goal; it cannot be missed! Try to imagine, you are trying to create 50 posts or videos for your website or Youtube channel; is this possible to make it happened within a month? It is possible, but is not practical! 


All of the success has its own price, and you will be the one who defines! 


What is your schedule told you?

  • You get the best fit schedule of yourself!
  • Working 9-5 is tired, and distraction is everywhere. A timetable to make it clear to remind what priority you should take! You get to choose what things first! 


Where is your time? Did you ask the questions I just asked?

Before living as a full-time internet marketer, a 9 to 5 lifestyle taught me a lot! Why? I experienced choices I cannot choose! I don’t get to choose! I lost my freedom! Experience once is enough! This is applicable to people who have the same mind. 

So people will ask where is my spare time? I am busy with my work from 9 to 5 and I am tired. Whether you want to succeed, how long you are planning to success depends on how hardworking you are.  You get to work after finishing your dinner while people are watching TV, having their time relaxing! Or maybe you get the time of creating while you are taking a bus! Is using less amount of time in social media helps? 

You know yourself better than me!


Your mindset 

Determination is the most important. This is the core part of whether you can succeed or not. Everyone knows Roman cannot be built within a day. The process takes time, and for a bigger goal, it takes even more than you expected! 


Are you ready for the fight? 

How long are you planning to spend? 2 years? 5 years or for life?

Do you take it as a hobby, work or your life purpose? What is your perspective?? Leave your comment below to inspire others!


Building a huge foundation takes more time you are expected! Consistent and steady progress is your friend! This is how you ensure your business works! You have to keep the momentum yourself so when the time comes, you get the chance to succeed! 



People will think most of the time they cannot achieve their goals is because their plans are not realistic enough, distraction and excuse! It doesn’t help! I can tell you! I experience all before and still having those situations!

What I want you to know is that:

Action is everything! Everybody knows the truth and theory, but people who start with courage win! When they are facing obstacles, they are not here to blame! Instead, they are eager to solve the problems! They are willing to accept problems and difficulties! They enjoy solving problems and planning while in the worst-case scenario.  Those are the people being called an entrepreneur. Are you ready to become an entrepreneur? When you experience once, you would know it is not easy. We keep on walking as we are here to help people alike! WE NEVER GIVE UP as I believe for dreams to happen, not just hope!

 Never give up and we will see each other on the top!

Practical plan, small step after reading this!

Goal: for you today

  1. List three things you want to achieve this week!
  2. Ask yourself how you can make it more practical! Write it down in your notebook!
  3. The time you are planning to use and how you manage while having your full-time job!
  4. Keep a record on the last day! Things you finished and did not!


My challenge for you!

  1. Can you create a draft of content for your blog or video within two hours?
  2. Can you list five things you will be distracted? 


Let me know in the comment below to share your experience with people alike! This is more than helping them, but instead, drive yourself to think more while sharing!




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