How much money to start an online business?

Welcome back to success in small step, I am Cian! 


Talking about starting a business online, numerous factors have to be considered. Always something comes first will be the alphabet started with “M”. 

Guess what the word is? 


Yup, you got it! That’s money although music is my life 😀


How much money do we have to spend in order to start our business online? 


This post is for people:

  1. Who will like to start their online business in the coming months
  2. Who are currently having their own online business and want to learn more
  3. Who are curious in learning new things 


You will get:

  1. The reasons for spending money to start your business online
  2. Methods without spending money in order to start you business online 
  3. A picture of how money can be spent from cheapest to the most expensive 
  4. Flow of how to choose your niche 


Did you ask yourself why spending money in your business? There are numerous businesses you can choose right! Why? 


Reason behind spending money?

To me, choosing online business is simple; that is to work anywhere I want! 

Without staying in one particular area, and without being restricted by anyone, I get to free myself from the real boss! I get to choose when the working hours and places are at my office! That’s absolutely impossible for a 9-5 employee right! And the most important part is I get to help more people through the internet 24 hours a day! This is the most beautiful thing in the world! As I believe when I help more people to succeed in this field, I become successful just like you! 


To take the business seriously, I decided to invest my money and time with emotion to my work ! That’s how I end up keeping on running the whole thing! 


Moreover, there are some features and functions that you can’t work without like holding the website and how to create the beautiful pictures. The uttermost reason why you have to spend those money, not just proving that you determination but also based on the necessity. 


Want to know how to start a business online without money? Here are the examples! 


Participate and become an Amazon affiliate 


As an amazon affiliate, when people buy a product from you through your affiliate link, you earn commission! Commission based on how much you sell and will keep on increasing. You can sell products through Facebook, IG and social media platforms. This is absolutely based on how well you market your products! 


The most beautiful part as an Amazon affiliate is that you don’t have to carry any real products but by promoting the products, you get to pay when someone does buy from you! 


Is it for free, why not give it a try? 


WordPress and Wix

These two companies provide one of the best platforms for someone who would like to start their business online quickly and easily! 




As they are website providers who help people create their website and rank in google and other search engines! 


Is all free for people who would like to try creating their website and you get a picture of how both features work! 


Is really hard to tell which one works best as it is based on personal preference! This is just a good time for you to experience new things! 


Other than drop shipping like Amazon, WordPress and Wix that is creating a website or blog to promote your products, you can try YouTube; one of the largest platforms people are willing to spend time on! 


Why is YouTube so powerful? 

Easy to watch by a click and YouTube itself will promote videos that you like! Is absolutely free and everyone gets to do the same thing by using your phone. 


Who doesn’t have a phone at this moment right! However, you better choose the right niche or trend so there is awareness. Money can be earned through Google Adsense and sales through email marketing! 


Digital Products


Have you once considered creating your own digital products? 

You can start writing an Ebook, recording a song or creating a wall-paper for the computer, and by selling those products, you earn money directly instead of earning commission by ratio!


It is very easy if you get to know what is your niche, where you are good at and the demands in behind as we know the number of people using the network is just going to keep on increasing without delay!


All you need is time and how to promote your products for everyone to know what you are selling!




If you are good at writing, drawing and webpage design, then you get to help someone and earn some extra income by using upwork and truelancer!


What is so amazing about being a freelancer is that you get to choose where to work and when to work! The flexibility that a 9-5 is eager to have in their life! You just have to schedule your timetable as tight as possible!! 


Dozens of ideas out there waiting for you to discover that you can start a side business; the point is when do you want it to get started! 


Is time to take massive action! 


Back to where we started, are you looking for the summary to see how to start a business from the cheapest to the most expensive and how the flow will be? 


Click it right 



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As I believe, for dreams to happen not just hope! I will see you guys in the next post! 

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