How to create a post a day? 

How to create a post a day? 


People will question how is it possible to create a post a day just like the guru! That is impossible! No hell will this be possible if you have to work! You know work is busy and sometimes overtime bla bla bla! 

That’s what it was in the past! Will you think that’s one of the reasons why you still in this early stage? Business can’t take off, ought to be a reason! 


Common questions right here will be:

Where are those ideas? 

How do I have time? 

What tools to use? 

How long does it take? 

How to organise?

Who is the readers?

Why they are reading it? 


Tons of questions! 

Right here I am trying to provide solutions so that creating a post a day is possible! And most importantly, they are free or people already have it. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter as it is affordable for someone who just started their business! You are going for the long run than if you divided the expense for 12 months, it doesn’t cost you a lot! 


First things first, you need a tablet! It does matter what type of tablet you use. In my personal perspective, I like Apple! Is durable and its functions work in the long run! Light tablet helps you and you can work anywhere with or without internet access. Check it out if you are interested in iPad as we are not here for iPad right! 


So any tools will help us brainstorm those ideas? 

Other than reading books, Ted can inspire with new ideas! Technology, entertainment and design – ideas worth spreading! Established by Richard Saul Wurman, with a maximum of 18 minutes to present for each speaker,  they have to be innovative and engaging as to interact with their audience! 


What I really like about ted talk is that a video summarized the topic I am interested in! I can quickly narrow down the books I have to read! For people who would like to get some new ideas, is worth taking a try! 


Slide share

People will know about LinkedIn even you have never used it before! How about SlideShare? Is part of LinkedIn for people or company to share information specific to their industry! I get tons of ideas from Slideshare as for slides, they are in point form. It will not take you a lot of time reading slides! 


People will ask how to organise my post in structure for readers easy to read! I will say whether you want to organize or try to brainstorm with ideas, simplemind helps! Is easy to use, without any advertisement even you are using the free version! You don’t have to register! That is a thing for people who care about their privacy! With seven years of history, they keep on improving with files synchronizing with Dropbox and google. Recording and videos can also be used in the mind map so no more searching is needed! 


Google drive

Google drive is one of the apps that I used daily! With the support of excel, word, power point and one note, you can organize all your files systematically! As an internet marketer, you have to know how to save your time from your life! Everyone experiences before how messy their files were in their computer! Is like your house, if it is so messy, you never find the things you want at that moment! That’s kind of a habit stuff that I will talk about more in the future. 


Google translate and dictation 

Both shorten my time while I have to keep my business ongoing as I only have to spend around one to two hours creating my post a day! This makes everything possible as getting the bus to work takes two hours every day. So when I get off the bus, everything is done! It leaves the time for me creating posters for all my posts —> that is Photoshop I am using! Let me introduce more about my tools and gadgets I use daily to run my business in the next post! 

Time tree

What I will use to manage my daily and weekly schedule is time tree. Is much better than google calendar in my perspective as it does not just indicate the holiday for the whole year but more you can save up the events ahead that doesn’t have a date. That’s useful for people to have tons of ideas! It also shares your schedule with your friends and family! Therefore, you get your friends schedule anytime without delay! 


So that’s all my suggestion! Are you using the apps I suggested? Or you have something way better? Leave your comment below to help more people succeed in internet marketing! 


As I believe, for dreams to come true, not just hope! I will see you guys in the next post:) 


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