How to create your brand name?

People will ask a question:


How to choose or create your brand name! 


Why? Easy to speak it out, this is the first impression for people to get to know you! 

Name? Why is this so important? 


  1. Is it Representing you! 
  2. All about First impressions? 
  3. But how about after? After the first impression, what is the meaning at the back? 
  4. What is the meaning to you? 


This post is for people who: 

  1. Are interested to start a business online 
  2. Full time or part time internet marketer 
  3. Boring people who would like to learn new stuff 
  4. Philosopher 


There are two types of people! 

  1.  Impressed by your name
  2.  or doesn’t! 


If they are impressed, they want to know more about you and so a higher chance to keep on tracking your posts! But there are so many competitors outside! After viewing so many names and reading so many articles, impressions by names do not seem to work out! 


That does not mean it is not important, rather the meaning to you! 


We are all experiencing a fast food culture lifestyle. Partially without consciousness, this is happening in your life. Take searching a solution as an example, when you type in how to cook chicken in google; you already get an answer in the box which in marketing we call it “Google’s answer box”! 


Do you get what I mean? It is way too easy to search for a solution because people are not just looking for solutions! They want more!


We want Success! 


That is what we are looking for isn’t it? 


Definitely we want a solution about the problem we are facing right now, the idea is that people are looking for similar experiences they can learn from so that the possibility of success can be increased! 


It is way too easy to access a step by step guide for people to create their awesome name! I will list it right here!


So what is the name meant to you? Take it as a long run like what I am starting this blog online, it actually represents you for life instead of an instant! People usually fall in trap on focus of the short time interaction between readers; the point is they just left and never will read your blog again! 


In order to attract readers to visit your blog as often, your name is not their first priority. Instead, your content is! That is why you should focus more on your content! 


But how about my name? Yup, coming up next!


If you ask me how I create my name,  my answer is I do follow those steps I shared with you; however, it is more about you!


If you can include as many characters in the name, the logo can truly represent yourself; people will know that you are different from others! They will try searching your story as your story attracts people alike! 


That is how I create my name, with the list above and drawing a mind map on the industry I would like to work with, I create a blog of sharing coffee stories, history of Hong Kong and more! This truly represents my uniqueness as I believe no one on the net is doing this stuff! 


You can visit my website to get to know more about me, coffee and Hong Kong! 

Click me


Most importantly, you ought to have the emotion in your heart while you see your name; the feeling of yes that is my name! Try to inspire yourself by creating new stuff or by using a mind map just like me! I believe you will be more satisfied by using the method rather than only the ranking machine selecting the name for you! 


We are not machines! We are human! 


As always, for dreams to happen not just hope, I will see you guys in my next post:)


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