How to keep yourself learning? 

After working for a day, people will choose to rest. Why? Who wants to work after work! I feel tired and want to take a break! This is true especially for people who are not getting enough sleep! For people living in the cities, there are too many things to do! Our schedule is tight. Do you leave yourself some space to rest and learn new stuff then? But why have to learn new stuff? What is the importance of learning? Why do human beings have to learn? 

This post is for people who: 

  1. Are interested to start a business online 
  2. Full time or part-time internet marketer 
  3. Boring people who would like to learn new stuff 
  4. Philosopher


Before everything starts, we must know the reason for learning! Learning according to Cambridge: is the activity to obtain knowledge. What’s the reason for obtaining knowledge? It is divided into two parts: realistically and eager to learn! 


The first thing that comes to my mind is competitiveness! If you are capable of living in the wilderness sustainable for a long time, what you need is to survive! Sounds funny! Living in the city still needs to survive but what means survive is different in different locations. While you live in the wild, you have to keep yourself safe and alive. You have to deal with food, accommodation, safety, and health! Sounds like the same in urban lifestyle! It seems like that but if you satisfy your satisfaction, the remaining time is all yours! You get to do things you want and what lifestyle you imagine! You have to do something to accomplish your satisfaction and there are lots of problems waiting for you to solve, but it seems like a different story living in the city! 


While living in the city, considering those four areas; competitiveness is important! To keep your current living standard or improve your living standard, you have to keep on discovering your personal values so that you remain highly competitive. Knowledge does help especially for companies, they are more accepted if you have a degree or master. That is not fully positively correlated but somehow is correlated to your academic level. 


When you satisfy your physical satisfaction, people will look for more in-depth mentally! Curiosity is the force behind! I believe once you have the experience that you spent weeks or months studying things you love like playing video games, comics, music. But why? Why do we have such behavior? I try coming up with a reason that doesn’t have any scientific support; that is caused by the human genome! It is hidden in the nucleotide, those building blocks that create DNA! Physical satisfaction does not last for long but mentally does! That is what Plato and my belief. 


Why is it so important to online marketers?


As an online marketer, I love studying how products can be promoted; how people think, consider, and interact in a virtual perspective! Studying how websites work, how to improve search engine optimization and more is fun. Even more in this industry, there are new things coming up day by day! You can stop for weeks, schedule yourself to rest but continuously learning new things is like a daily routine to online marketers not to say people taking it as part-time work! There is too much stuff we should learn that with the time working as a full-time marketer is not enough! There is a big world out there that will amaze you how little we are! That is why I am here sharing things I know! I believe that by sharing what I know, I get more than what I am giving out! We call this planting the seed and you will receive a bigger result as the seed grows up and becomes a tree! 


Satisfying my curiosity, helping people to learn online marketing and my interest in online marketing are driving forces for me as an online marketer! I am not sure what your goals are but if you believe in me, I will help you succeed till the end! 


Then people will ask how do you keep yourself from learning? 


I am a normal person just like you feeling tired and stressed and trying to live an easy life! Is easier said than done? I will cheer myself up by listening to music and watching funny videos. Right here I tried to come up with a few tips for people who are seeking to improve their efficiency of learning and keep your learning progress with a plan so that you get to know how long and how you achieve your learning path! 


  1. Understand your learning pattern
    1. How good are you concentrated on learning 
    2. How long can you concentrate
    3. How much time can you spend on learning?
    4. Can you apply things you have learned? And how long will it take if not?


  1. Ask yourself what do you want to learn? 
    1. Is that related to your job?
    2. Hobby?
    3. Which level will you love to achieve? As a professional or just know what it is about? 


  1. Set up a plan 
    1. Be realistic
    2. Stick to your plan by setting up timetable weekly and monthly
    3. To do list every day
    4. Revise your plan weekly and monthly 


  1. Just do it! 
    1. Never give up 
    2. Don’t let your emotions hijack you!


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These are my simple steps to help me set up my goal and how I achieve my goal by setting up a realistic plan to keep myself from learning! I feel tired just like you! I tried to push myself so hard but still, I give myself a break while having fun with friends and doing the gym! How do you keep yourself from learning? How do you make a realistic plan? Feel free to leave your comment below so more people will get help! As always, for dreams to happen not just hope, I will see you guys in my next post:)

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