Methods and tools you are going to choose


Starting a business online, which method and tools should I choose? 

I believe there are lots of newcomers asking about the same question over and over again! 


But why? What’s the reason behind asking this question? 


What is the meaning behind? 


This post is for people who: 

  1. Are interested to start a business online 
  2. Full time or part time internet marketer 
  3. Boring people who would like to learn new stuff 


What you can get:

  1. What methods and tools can we choose? 
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of those methods and tools
  3. How to choose the best method or tool to fit yourself 


What methods or tools can we choose? 


There are lots of methods and tools out there on the net. To name a few, writing content; starting a blog; social media platform advertising; email marketing…. 


Too many to list all those down. I will introduce the well-known methods and tools so you get a clear picture of what that is and how it helps to select the best methods or tools for yourself! 


Writing content

Knowledge transferred by words is how civilization built up! No one will doubt how important it is. As a content writer, you try to describe products by words or you create contents that inspire people; which we call those people writers! They create content with a clear structure so readers can easily follow! This is how they influence readers! But other than a strong language and communication skills, knowledge of digital marketing is also important! 



  • you can work anywhere (as a freelancer) 
  • Having a chance to master all the position (like running a business)
  • If you love to learn, you will love it! 



  • Does flexible life fit you? 
  • Require strong language skills 
  • Is multi position worked for you? 
  • Keep your mind running every second might not be a good idea! 


Starting a blog? 

How about blogging? No one wants the definition of the word blogging from a dictionary!! To me, blogging means to share something I have learnt and experienced through words that might influence people who are having the same goals and passion, to be what we want to be! You are a content writer, but also a blogger like running a business online! That means the mindset is different between the two! 



  • Everywhere is your office even if you have a full time job
  • Building up your own brand!
  • Low cost investment!
  • Becoming a professional in lots of fields (marketer, blogger and writer)!
  • More and diverse ways to make money!



  • Time consuming don’t have to mention your time in the bathroom! 
  • How flexible are you? 
  • How strong are your writing skills?
  • Not a problem solver?
  • Are you well prepared yourself facing different emotions?
  • A longer time to make the money that is able to support yourself!


Social media marketing

This is to promote a product or service through social media platforms! People usually start with a personal page and express feelings about services and products they used just by sharing with friends. There are some outstanding one who collected lots of fans. As a result, they get a huge customer base which later companies targeted! We will call them Key Opinion Leader(KOL)! Through sharing with people, the number of fans are kept on increasing. This will create an influencing network causing change of your habits; creating a force to consume something you agree with the KOL. Interaction with the potential customers increase the chance to target their needs with continuous sending accurate products; and in return the reposting of the comments create a new ecosystem making profit itself! 



  • Low cost
  • Huge amount of audience
  • Lots of interaction with your customers
  • Brand loyalty 



  • Time consuming 
  • Long time on return on investment 
  • The negative image of your brand

Email Marketing 

It might be considered as one of the oldest strategies from the late 20th century but still there are lots of people using it with a combination of filter funnel! It can be a notification to remind readers that a new blog post has been posted or a commercial message sent by companies to massive amounts of people! Loyalty, brand awareness and trust could be built in order to generate sales and needs. 



  • Cheap and fast 
  • Collection of customer feedback will help in further analyzing customer behavior so that a more accurate product can be delivered
  • Everyone has email (all are you customers) 



  • time consuming 
  • Be aware of the laws behind that you might against without notice 
  • Highly competitive 


How do we choose the best tools for ourselves?

Considering the best tools for yourself to start a business online, is like running an experiment testing whether something works or not! As a research assistant, I have to overcome so many problems and try to identify with solutions to achieve the result we want! This cultivates my problem solving skills! There are few things we should consider:


  1. Preference you are going to promote yourself?
  2. The expenditure
  3. Outcome and efficiency
  4. Mentality


With a good mindset and understand what you like the most to connect with people through the net, the outcome you predict and efficiency will match your expectations. Even the cost might be higher or lower, experience and wealth will come to you at last! 


As always, for dreams to happen not just hope, I will see you guys in my next post:)

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