Niche: Business vs Hobbies


People who would like to start their business online always ask themselves the same question again and again:

How to choose your niche? 

But what people are asking is what niches they can make money on? 

You can make tons of money in any niches but the fact is that some of the niches will be faster just like teaching people how to succeed in online marketing! We can imagine even the cake is mostly occupied by your competitors, still you get a chance to eat part of the cake! 


Be honest to yourself that when you are starting a business online, you want to make money instead of just acting as a hobby lover! It would be great if you can take it as a hobby but we all know that they are two different perspectives! 


This post is for people who: 

  1. Are interested to start a business online 
  2. Full time or part time internet marketer 
  3. Boring people who would like to learn new stuff 


What you can get: 

  1. Difference between hobby and business 
  2. What drives you to start a business online 
  3. How to choose your niche based on your preference

Let’s get started! 


What’s the difference between hobby and business? 


One of the big differences is that for hobbies,  you can work any time you want when your emotions come up; business can’t! Both may invest money in it, the difference comes up in the goal, the reason you start to do the thing is absolutely distinctive! 


For business, you are aiming to generate leads instead of traffic viewing your website! That’s a huge difference between hobbies! For example if you are a coffee lover and want to share your discovery of new stuff in coffee, be kind to a researcher who discovers new stuff and post it in a scientific magazine! They focus on improving content quality in order to drive more traffic to the website! It may earn money and they are glad to see that but may not be the most important factor to drive them working on the thing! 


So if you are going to start a business online, what should you do? 


You have to ask yourself why do you want to start a business online with a clear, testable business model! 


But why is that so important? 


It comes down to two major issues! If you get lost, you never know what you are doing! 


Knowing your reason is how you maintain yourself in the long run! We would like to get it done in a short period of time, but the truth is life doesn’t work like this! What you can depend on is to work for a longer period of time just like studying in school, you will reach your goal at last! Remember the reason why you start the business online, as that’s power to keep you running! 


And now comes down to the business model you are going to test! 


Question you ask yourself is:

  1. Who are your professional customers? 
  2. Problems they are having? 
  3. How are you going to solve it? 


It looks simple but with huge meaning behind! Testing with the three questions above with tools like content marketing, a and b testing will provide you a new path answering your question, how are you going to choose the niche? 


Return back to the uttermost question,

How do we choose the niche? 

If you are taking it as a hobby, any niches will be good! 


If you are taking it as a business, than you better ask the questions:

  1. What’s the uttermost goal starting the business? 
  2. Is the niche you are choosing is highly competitive? If yes, how do you stand out? 
  3. Can your business model be testifiable? 
  4. What tools do you have in order to test your ideas? 


This is how I start my business online and the questions that I was asking myself! Starting a business online is not easy as we imagine, especially with a full time job in your hand! What I believe is that through helping more people to succeed online, I will succeed at last! As I believe, for dreams to happen not just hope, I will see you guys in my next post:) 


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