Out focus? What to do?

Out of Focus? What to do?

As an internet marketer, we cannot live without computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones! All of our works rely on those gadgets and screen is the bridge! You have brilliant ideas in your mind. You are well planned! You are ready to go!

But when you sit in front of the screen, something goes wrong! You out focus, you feel tired! You are being distracted! Sleepy, thinking about something else, or simply your brain is empty without the stuff! You think you are in progress, but in reality; you are wasting your time. Then suddenly you realize oh is 6 pm already and you have to prepare your dinner or you have a game with your friends!! Whoops, leave it for tomorrow! I promise myself I will finish it!


Is it similar to what happened to you? Is it what you are experiencing right now? I am not sure about you! But I can tell, this happens to me kind of every day! Too much distraction nowadays seems like we humans have to know everything happening in not just our society but the whole world. I am not saying globalization isn’t good, but honestly saying doesn’t fit my current situation! I would like to sacrifice myself in internet marketing, helping more people to become financially free in another way! I ought to stay focus! Back to the topic, what I am trying to say is that internet business is like a marathon. You must have a plan! If you don’t, mostly you can’t make it to the final! 


Why? This is not about whether you have guts, nor is here to show off! This is a five and ten years plan! Taking care of your health will be one of the most important parts of your journey. Isn’t realistic enough, you can’t finish it every day! Time goes by, you don’t want to do it anymore, especially for people just start doing their online business. That is why people always say they don’t have time! 


This is so true! They don’t have time to rest! No time to sleep will make yourself nervous! Your brain gets stuck! You are always daydreaming! Those are the symptoms! How to solve it? 


The solution is for people who need it! 

  • Part-time online marketer
  • Full-time online marketer
  • Freelance 
  • People who want to learn more especially in online marketing
  • Not interested in online marketing, but want to learn more


What I believed that some of the starters have the idea “ I will create so many posts a day or simply follow their schedule without flexibility”  but whether it works or not, you can tell! 


First things first, your health is always the most important thing in the world. Without a good body, no matter how good your ideas, you can’t make it come true. Try to imagine you are so sick that you can’t even concentrate on what you want to do, don’t even have to consider those severe symptoms; let’s just talk about allergy! If you are allergic to pollen or dust, what the cost will be you kept on sneezing with a runny nose. Hard for me to stay on track for that day, I will just go for a run! Do you get what I mean? If you do not care about your body, dreams will be far away from you! 


Do you remember wasn’t there anything you kept on doing for so long like more than a year? What was the result? Did you get your result? Was there any time you overestimated yourself? Imagine there is no work! You can tell is impossible! But we want to achieve the state. Think much deeper, you can tell if you don’t have to work, those people have sacrificed more than you can imagine! Passive income is not easy to make. Solely buying stock will cost you a lot to support your monthly expenditure! Realistic is important! You can imagine anything but if you are dealing with internet marketing with the combination of imagination and data analysis with the model, your success rate will definitely be higher! 


People enjoy the home office! No pressure, wake up as you want, flexible time and more; but one thing they are missing – home is a place to rest. That is me who I am referring to! Is pretty hard for me to work at home as I will be distracted by the television, games my brother is playing and guitar Bla Bla Bla, lots! Libraries and cafes are places I usually go as when I see people working hard, I don’t want to fall behind! That’s part of human nature. The atmosphere is amazing for me to stay focus. If I need a drink, the cafe can help as you know what; I will call myself a coffee addictor! I was born to be like that. Visiting cafes to the cafe was giving me lots of inspiration for my internet business! To me, cafes are more than just a study space is a space to be to escape reality; a place to make my dream come true! 


With a good plan, time management skills and best fit gadgets, making it step by step every day, you create your own success targeting with short, medium and long term goals!  

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As always, for dreams to happen not just hope, I will see you guys in my next post:)

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